CONDOR is a national real estate development and investment firm founded in 2014 by Solomon Barket. Although a relatively new company, its origins go back to 1994 when Mr. Barket, doing business as Barket Investments, was the managing partner of multiple investments and developments he co-developed with principals of Centrum Properties. In 2007, after the retirement of one of Centrum Properties co-founding partners, Mr. Barket became a general partner of the successor to Centrum Properties, a newly formed company, Centrum Partners.


Since 1994, Mr. Barket has overseen, managed, or co-managed over one billion dollars of investment and development activities including the first significant lifestyle development in Lincoln Park Chicago, North Avenue Collection and the first lifestyle/entertainment development in the South Loop, Roosevelt Collection. Among his many other notable achievements is the acquisition, planning and development of over 30 acres, 2000 residential units, one and a half million square feet of office space, and 100,000 square feet of retail on what was formerly the corporate headquarters of Montgomery Ward.

In 2011, leading one of the first new developments coming off the great recession of 2008, Mr. Barket headed up the acquisition and repositioning of the highly acclaimed Hotel Lincoln in Lincoln Park Chicago.  He is currently repositioning one of the most iconic properties in Los Angeles, the former Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.


The name CONDOR evolved from the many spiritual travels of Mr. Barket over the years. It holds strong meaning and relationship to how he views real estate investment and development. Any responsible business model should embrace expertise, hard work, integrity, and goals to maximize returns. However, what many firms fall short on is vision. A condor flies effortlessly in the skies, navigating a path and seeing what most cannot. It flies fearless with intentions to recycle and cultivate transformation. To the native people of the Peruvian Andes the condor represents the burning desire to see different points of view. They believe that condor energy guides one to unexpected, new heights of awareness to see beyond traditional rules or limitations and reach higher peaks.

It was critically important for Mr. Barket to assemble a team and partners who embrace this philosophy, strive to maintain the utmost standards of integrity, constantly question the norm, and always search for alternative and better solutions to the challenges presented.


It is our view at CONDOR that there are few limitations in life to what we can accomplish. At CONDOR we believe that creativity, smart thinking, challenging limitations and expanding paradigms is the ultimate key to success and prosperity. This belief is not just for us as a company but for all the partners and communities that put their trust in us. We aim to fly high.